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Hearing Check

For his entire life, Arnold had been a cat. For the most part, he really liked being a cat. He had no responsibilities and he was free to roam around all day and sleep wherever and whenever he wanted.

But life wasn’t completely easy for Arnold the cat. For you see, Arnold did not have a home. He was what they called a ‘Street Cat.’ Each day would be a battle just find enough to eat. He would have to search all the bins for scraps, or wander around where the people ate hoping they might toss him a few crumbs.

The other thing Arnold didn’t like as a street cat was that he had no one to call out to him. No one knew his name was Arnold, no one called him in for dinner, no one called him for cuddles, no one called him just for a simple pat. Arnold began to wonder if it was as simple as his ears not working—he thought maybe he just needed a hearing check.

Then, one day, when Arnold was wandering around the neighbourhood he saw a couple of other cats across a fence. They looked like him and they acted like him, but something was different. He couldn’t work out what it was until, suddenly, he heard a human voice call to them. They both ran off and through a little door in the main human door.

Arnold realised he didn’t need a hearing check at all. He just needed a home. He began hanging around the house with the two other cats every day. He would meow, hoping someone might hear him.

Several days went past and he’d had no luck. But, just when he was about to give up, a human came outside of the house. He looked funny, but he looked friendly. Arnold let out a tiny meow and the human came over to him. “Who is this then?” asked the human. “You look mighty hungry.”

Suddenly the human went back inside. But a few moments later he emerged outside again with a plate of food. Arnold was ecstatic and he gobbled it up without a thought. The human patted him and Arnold began to purr. Arnold knew he had found a place he could call home.